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  eDavar Cultural Food   Here, you can experience the rich taste of our cultural food (Recipes for beef almond, Stir fried kabob, beef pomegranate, chicken saffron, been noodle soup, grilled beef kabob, rice with barberry saffron, fried salmon cubes, crispy fry bread, blend of Lamb and mix greens and beans, saffron rice). Below, you can see the picture of each delectable dish that we carry recipes for. If you wish to make these dishes at your own convenience. There is $5.00 charge per recipe. After you pay $5.00 by credit card, you automatically will have access to the recipe. It really isn't a large price to pay, and it's really worth it!! Enjoy!

Recipe for Saffron Rice. A delicious flavor and aroma of rice with saffron.




Recipe for Stir Fried Kabob. A delicious tender fried Beef.

Recipe for Beef Pomegranate Gourmet. A blend of chopped ground beef, walnut and pomegranate juice.






Recipe for Chicken Saffron. A delicious blend chicken with saffron.

Recipe for Chicken Saffron Rice. A delicious blend of chicken, rice, saffron and Barberries.

Recipe for Bean Noodle Soup. A delicious blend of Beans, greens, noodles and onions.

Recipe for Grilled Beef Kabob. A delicious flavor of  tender grilled ground beef.

Recipe for Rice with Barberry Saffron. A delicious flavor of Barberries and aroma of rice with saffron.
Recipe for Fried Salmon Cubes.
Recipe for Crisped Fry Bread. A delicious crispy fried bread under cooked rice.

A delicious crunch of salmon bites.









Recipe for Gourmet Green. A delicious blend of Lamb and mix greens and beans.

Recipe for Beef Almond Gourmet A delicious blend of chopped beef, sliced almonds, and  gourmet tomato sauce.





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